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Code of Conduct

Club members and club officials must show tolerance, courtesy, good manners, fairness, honesty, integrity and sportsmanlike behaviour, in their dealings with other club members, officials, club members' guests, playing and social visitors.

1. The yearly season subscription fees are as agreed at the AGM.

2. The courts shall be open for play until dusk. Extended to 22:30 hours when the floodlights are in use.

3. When considered to be unfit for play, or when required for maintenance, the groundsman, the Committee or any member of the Committee shall have the power to close any court for the preservation of the ground.

4. The Committee shall have the power to reserve three courts for matches or tournaments.

5. Social tennis hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 18:30 to 22:00, and Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 to 18:00, after any club matches have been played.

6. In order to join in social hours sessions Members must be able to serve, return serve and rally.

7. The “social board” shall always be used during social hours. Upon arrival players should enter their name at the bottom of the list on the board. The person at the top of the list on the board can choose from the next five players listed below to make up a foursome. The list then moves up in order and the process repeated when the next court becomes available.

8. During social hours players will play one set of doubles only. There is no tie-break if the set ends in a draw (6-6). Players must leave the court after one set to make the court available for the next foursome.

9. If a player chooses to ‘sit out’ for a period of time during social hours, he/she must remove their name from the board and only re-enter it at the bottom of the list when he/she is ready to play again.

10. Singles may not be played during social hours on any of the courts. Outside social hours only one set of singles or doubles may be played when all courts are in use and there are Members waiting to play.

11. Members playing outside tournament matches at the club, can book a court and remain on that court until completion of their match provided it is scheduled outside social time and does not conflict with club league matches or coaching sessions. Courts may be booked in advance using the MATCH BOOKING book in the clubhouse.

12. New Members will be invited to contact a member of the admittance sub-committee prior to joining in social sessions in order to have their standard of play assessed. If deemed necessary, members not of a standard to join into social play will be encouraged to take advantage of coaching facilities at the Club in order to reach the standard required to join into social play. This makes social play enjoyable for all.

13. Guests of members may play up to twice in any one year. The guest’s name must be entered into the guest book before playing and the visitor fee (Adult £4.00 or Junior £2) must be paid to a Committee member.

14. Team matches and Club coaches have court use priority. Team matches are listed on the website ( Coaches will endeavour to write their coaching sessions for the day and allocated courts on a wipe board.

15. Club coaches will endeavor to use courts 4-5 and 6-7. However Members must move to another court if requested to do so by a Club coach.

16. Any dispute shall be referred for settlement to any member of the Committee who may be present. Disputes or complaints shall be dealt with in accordance with the Club’s Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures and Rule 8 of the Club’s Constitution.

17. All members shall provide their own tennis balls.

18. Neither the Club nor any member of the Committee can be held responsible for any loss or injury sustained whilst on the Club’s premises.

19. No food or drink is to be taken onto court except for water in bottles and other drinks, which must be in sealed drinking bottles.

20. Ball can metal ring pull lids are potentially dangerous and must be safely disposed of in the recycling bin in the Clubhouse or in courtside bins. On no account must lids or any other litter be left on court.

21. Whilst on court all members and playing visitors shall wear designated tennis clothing only, and designated tennis shoes that are suitable for play on the court surfaces.

22. All users of the synthetic clay courts (6 and 7) must drag the courts after their set or match, clean the lines, and use the footbath on exiting the courts.

23. The last players off all courts are responsible for locking the court gates. The last person leaving the club in possession of Clubhouse keys is responsible for asking everyone to vacate the clubhouse, locking the bar and kitchen, closing all windows, turning off the lights, setting the alarm and locking the Clubhouse.

24. These rules are to be enforced by all Club Members, not ONLY the Committee Members. Failure to abide by these Club Bye Laws or harassment of any Committee Member or Club Member trying to enforce these bye laws, shall result in the offending member having disciplinary procedures brought against them.